Approved Projects | Process and Projects

The What

Helping Hands enables donors to financially contribute to pre-approved projects.  These projects can consist of individuals as well as organizations based in the US or overseas.

Helping Hands  is a nonprofit organization that financially assists individuals who need it most through tax-exempt donations from individuals and corporate donors.


The Process

We receive information daily on persons or organizations who require some level of assistance. The referring party supplies the basic information we require to determine if we can assist and for us to conduct a due-diligence review to ascertain the legitimacy and level of need.

Our project committee reviews all requests, qualifies the project for due-diligence and upon the completion of the due-diligence process approves or rejects the request for assistance.

When a project is approved it’s open to receive donations out of which we make distributions for the approved recipient (individual or organization).


The Projects

Helping Hands focuses on assisting in a variety of areas where we have considerable experience.

Project areas include:

  • Animal needs/rescue funds
  • Charitable events (raise money for charity organizations)
  • Educational assistance
  • Emergency/disaster relief assistance
  • Employee assistance (benevolent fund)
  • Financial assistance
  • Medical needs
  • Memorial funds
  • Veterans assistance
  • And others